Introducing Project X Trilogy, a combination of 2 highly effective muscle building ingredients, combined with the patented nootropic ingredient: Brainberry.

Project X Trilogy combines 1500 mg of Turkesterone and 200 mg of Laxogenin per serving (3 capsules), as well as 65 mg of Brainberry. Making it the perfect for boosting focus, and increasing muscle mass naturally.

What is Project X Trilogy?

Trilogy is specifically formulated to boost muscle gain, while also improving focus and enhancing the mind muscle connection.

What's inside Project X Trilogy?

Turkesterone and Laxogenin are well known in the body building world, with Turkesterone increasing in popularity lately. This is one of the highest doses of Turkesterone on the market, ensuring you get the best results possible. Brainberry® is a highly effective nootropic ingredient, extracted from Aronia Melanocarpa berries cultivated in the Baltic region of Europe. Aronia has an exceptionally high concentration of active cyanidin glycosides, making it the perfect ingredient for improving brain health.